Hello. My name is Scott Craig.

I work with others to help them achieve their goal of improvement, of change, to help them live at their very best.  I’m prepared to help you successfully navigate the way to your desired change. My people become                                                                                       Comfortable in healthy lifestyle  environments,                                                               Confident in their abilities to create positive change and                                         Competent in “Keeping their Change”.

I appreciate the trust that so many have placed in me to help them meet their health and fitness goal(s). You and I will work together to find your strengths and discover your current fitness limits. Then we will go to work on redefining those limits.

  • Improving management of stress
  • Adjusting nutritional  practices
  • Increasing exercise intensity
  • Evaluating scheduling commitments
  • Clarifying communication expectations   …to name a few

The big improvements often are the result of small yet consistent changes in Belief Patterns and Behavior Practices. What will it be?  Increased energy, improved sleep, focused and clear thinking, enhanced productivity, reduced health risks, happier and healthier days? You decide.

I’ll help.                                                                                                                                                Call me 952-292-1213                                                                                                                              Scott

Coach Scott
Summer (Halstead’s Bay)

Fall (TC Marathon)

Winter (Lake Mtka LRT )