January 10th 2017

2017 Your year for change!

Day 10. How are things progressing?
January 4th, 2017

Day 4. How are things progressing?

Do NOT talk to Strangers

Thursday December 22nd 2016 

The 2016 writing project of scottcraig.life has arrived at a successfull year’s end. It’s UN-complicated is live  on Amazon. Thank you for joining me over this last year in a pursuit of improved health.

                                  Welcome to the

It’s Un-Complicated

    Book-Launch Party    

 It’s UN-Complicated
Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.
Manage Stress. Quit Smoking. Get Fit.
(to name just a few)

The book is live on Amazon and ready for your purchase and review (thank you for that).

I would like to extend a sincere and heart-felt Thank you to my editors,

My editors
This is a group of trusted thought leaders. Highly skilled and successful in the places that they meet the market place. Clever, encouraging, and fit. I am thankful to call them friends and humbled that I am able to do so. That they took the time to contribute to this project I am deeply appreciative.
Just knowing they had possession of the manuscript draft put me immediately to work laboring to make it better. Thank you all, for your work in reading, editing and improving upon It’s UN-complicated.
Kevin Arnal
Pete Baker
Kevin Christenson
Sue Craig
Nancy Eato
Al Tollefson
Lynn VanAllen                                                                                                                Sue Freese                                                                                                                   Anne Baker                                                                                                                 Nicki Craig

Cover art and design by Nicki Craig


Tuesday Dec 20th 2016

1969 and Ten Speed Bikes

There was a day when the bikes in the neighborhood all had one gear. Then it happened. 3 then 5 and finally 10 whole gears began to show up on Shady Lane. A 10 speed? How fast does anybody need to go? We had been riding along just fine in the one and only available gear, leg-power.

Shifting gears became a required new skill. Awkward at first, but with increasing proficiency everybody was learning about the correct timing involved in shifting the bike gears. To maintain speed we developed a feel for when to execute the shift.

Advancing your healthy lifestyle skill set is similar to learning how and when to shift those bike gears. Just as we did all those years ago on shady Lane. The same activity or leg power is not generating the same speed or desired results. In shifting the gear or changing a routine you can feel the resistance at first but soon greater momentum and speed are obtained because of the shift.

The skills that brought you to this place (or speed) of success are not the same that will deliver sustained change. Advancing your skill set calls for increasing demand, you will feel the challenge, but soon you will be experiencing even greater results and assurance that your health improvement is here to stay.

Go ahead and shift gears. I’ll try and keep up.

Coach Scott


December 12, 2016

Book Launch date 12/23/16

Enjoy this Bonus Material recently added to the book!

October 25, 2016


(from Ch 6)

2013-09-01 11.05.02

Support structures uphold and strengthen, reminding us to remain on course, not to stray from a predetermined path. Our network of support, the people, systems, reminders or routines are agents of stability.

Support systems are not intended to be controlling directors or overseeing disciplinarians. Supports  provide reminders of previous decisions, desired action or ultimate goals. Support systems prop us up and encourage forward moving activity.

Supports do provide corrective and directive inspiration, yet they do not carry out the actual work of the task for which they were enlisted. The effectiveness of a support structure is often dependent upon the cooperation of the benefactor or end user of the support.

The ladder will hold you and support your next step. You must climb.
The painted road lines will direct and support your drive. You must steer.
The compass will point North and support a course direction. You must navigate.

Establish your support, embrace their willful alliance with your cause, rely on them. Then step out and do the work that represents your commitment to change.

October 13 2016


“If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.”                                                                                                                1 Corinthians 10:12

Don’t blow your 9-0 lead

I learned of one Little League Baseball team’s disappointing loss. All Little league baseball game losses can be disappointing for 1/2 the participants, but this particular loss was memorable.

A client relayed the tale of her son’s team as they were enjoying a 9-0 lead late into the game. This team of talented players suddenly began to see their lead collapse and then went on to lose 10-9!  What was it that slowed and deflated the efforts of the leading team’s efforts?

Certainly, credit is to be given to the team(s) that rally to win. That is an exhilarating experience for the victors. You just  never want to be the team that blows a 9-0 lead. It  makes for a dismal afternoon.

There are many lessons taught to our young athletes within sport. Yes, even within losses. However, blowing a 9-0 lead on a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon at the ball park is painful!

And while there is profit within lessons learned during loss and set-back, we are in a place that calls for protection against losing the gains that have been achieved. Within your journey to change, you do not wake in the morning planning to lose, to fail or to suffer set- backs. You have continued to work hard to achieve this place of change.

In the Context of It’s Uncomplicated and the IDEAS protocol, we will look to learn from the losses of others.

Lessons learned even in the disappointing loss of a Little League Baseball team.

You have worked hard to get to this place of health change. Now you must work hard to keep the change. Stand guard over your disciplines. Protect your 9-0 lead in this battle between your advancing health and neglect.

Don’t blow a 9-0 lead!

September 20, 2016


Money-Back Guarantee

It’s reasonable. Your purchase should deliver. A trusted exchange has occurred of goods, services or promised results for various forms of commitment – cash, credit, time, or emotion.  Expectations have been set.                                                                                                  Buyer “How long is the guarantee?”  Clerk “How long is the parking lot?”

We are obsessed with product guarantees. Keep the receipt. You may not need it, like it or want it. Your commitment could turn out to be the wrong color, size, make or model.  It may break, have missing parts or go on sale. Read, sign and agree to the terms and conditions. And certainly, keep the receipt.

What guarantees are there that this whole Un-complicated health change pursuit is going to work?

Sorry for this but, there are few if any guarantees being handed out here at the beginning. It’s work. Health upgrades are not achieved by trying really hard or by watching what you eat or by just being active or by doing more than most others or by having done it before.

We cannot just join a gym, take a class, jog a mile or read a book (even a good one).  Desired change and even sincere first-action steps toward a change do not guarantee sustained success. Again, sorry, no guarantees.

Except perhaps for:

  1. Inaction at this point leaves you disappointingly where you are now, that place of equilibrium, the status quo, no change.
  2. Inaction risks a further downward spiral into a place of permanent ill-health.
  3. At this time silence is NOT golden, it’s poison.
  4. For change to happen, you must change. You must speak up. You must move out. You must courageously Express you commitment to change.

Allow me to offer a solid guarantee.                                                                                         Though You alone can put in the effort that delivers the change, you are not alone in the effort. It’s Un-complicated will encourage you to, through and beyond your drive for lasting health change. Guaranteed!

Image credit openlm.com

September 16
“Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday really did end last night.      Today is a brand new day and it is yours.” Zig Ziglar

Identify the inner voices that advance or hinder your progress.                        Optimist – Pragmatist – Realist – Pessimist

In writing It’s UN-complicated, I hope to convey my default world-view of Optimism. I believe that most things in life can be improved. We gather in the pursuit of improved health. Improved health in the days ahead. Not perfect health today. As Jim Rohn taught “Make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time.” You decide what equals measurable and reasonable.

Realizing positive change begins by identifying what can be done and then  taking appropriate action. To Begin. To move toward your goal. Small changes that deliver positive results specifically attached to your desired result(s).

I am an optimist to the core!  I believe that healthy change is possible for you. I believe that there are quality of life upgrades awaiting you. You can begin today to map out action steps that will successfully lead you to that place of improved health.

The pragmatist in you is saying “I’ll believe it when I see it” waiting for more tangible proof of assured success. Your inner realist confidently analyzes past activity to formulate and forecast future possibilities and that pessimist in you is now shouting “Don’t waste your time. It’s too late to change.”

Admittedly I lean decidedly in the direction of the Optimist. I really do believe that life is good and that positive change is possible. 

We will face each of these inner voices the optimist, pragmatist, realist, and yes even the pessimist. Each voice has its place and value in assessing current situations. Each voice speaks persuasively to influence our actions in the quest for positive health change.

You decide. The voices of Optimism, Pragmatism, Realism and Pessimism all look to have a place in your day. As you move toward your desired change you must decide how much time and attention you give to any particular voice.

 “There is a time for everything under the sun.” Solomon


August 19,2016

gaps distance

The Gaps.                                                                                                                                  Ever widening and frustrating gaps keep you from trying (again) to reach for your goal. At first the gaps were responsible for a delay in your efforts. In time the gaps fostered discouragement and frustration draining any hope of ever achieving your goal. The gaps now appear to stretch to the horizon. Too far, wide, high and strong.

Resistance to change is born out of theses gaps. A small gap between you and your goal is all it takes (too often) to divert a beginning effort.

The gaps represent anything that keeps you from completing the work necessary to change. From an ideas beginning for change, to the planning of first steps, to the disciplined skills required for sustained effort, gaps large or small can keep you from your desired change.

                      Narrow the gaps and destroy the resistance.                                                  Chapter 4 addresses issues of resistance related to expression of change desire.)                                                                                                                                                                                   Goal-reaching environments require a narrowing and then elimination of the gaps. I wonder how you must feel as you begin to see yourself with less and less distance between you and your goal. Excitement on one side and fear on the other.                                               Excitement for the long-awaited status of “Fit” belonging to you.                                         Fear of the uncertainties bound up within the challenges.

It’s Uncomplicated is about the excitement. 

We respect the “unknowns” and the challenges while not fearing them. You’ve got this.

No longer will the intimidating gaps be tolerated. Picture yourself standing up to these gaps as you would a playground bully declaring that the day of intimidation is over.

“You’re not the boss of me! I ain’t a-scared a you!”                                                                   (Your grammar, no-doubt is better than mine.)

Narrow the gaps and destroy the resistance.

image credit thetruckingnetwork.ca

June 30, 2016

Understanding the origin of a gap assists in its elimination or narrowing. Your process of discovery is all about navigating uncharted waters.  Whether it is a newly introduced challenger or one to which you regularly yield, a gap remains.

A gap between you and your desired health change. Discovery of the gap is not enough. Knowing what to do with the gap is not enough. Action is now required.

“I know what to do I just need to do it.”  The mantra of the UN-changed                                “I know what to do and I just do it.”  The mantra of the Fit                                                        There is a large gap between “knowing” and “Doing”.                                                            It’s Uncomplicated is helping  narrow the gap between                                                                                         Just        and      Do it.                                                                                    Clarity replaces health changing blind spots in this place of discovery. Courage replaces reluctance.  Change is in the making, provided we begin to take action, provided we begin to express (chapter 4) our new discoveries in forward moving action.

Close the Gap(s).    Discover.

June 11, 2016

Chapter 3                                                                                                                                               DISCOVER (cont.)                                                                                                                             We are exposing the gap(s) between you and your goal.

Are you discovering new and undetected gaps? Unknown gaps, now reveled. Good.

Understanding the origin of a gap assists in its elimination or narrowing. You may have been presented with uncharted waters, new terrain or fresh revelations. “Honestly” you say, “I’ve literally never – ever thought of it this way.”

Are you discovering gaps known, but ignored?  Still good.

Perhaps you are in a new place of self-awareness. “My inactivity has been a conscious decision to procrastinate” you say. “I know what I need to do but have lacked the determined self-discipline to press through” you say. Continuing, you think  “I don’t see myself as lazy, I am just tired of failing each time I try.”

You may begin to find that it is far easier and more satisfying to focus on paths of least resistance. The things you do well. “Creating positive health change has been too complicated” you say. No surprise there. It’s our comfort zone.


We are exposing the gap(s) between you and your goal. Known, ignored or undetected. We’re going to work on closing those gap(s).  Wherever they are found. The ultimate good.

“Gaps Be Gone!” is our or battle cry. We recognize the remaining work involved in getting fit and staying fit. There will always be elements of struggle and fight in                              “Keeping the Change.”

While in the Discover mode gaps of support  transition into arenas of accountability. Past personal blind spots become fields of clear lines of sight with a heightened sense of personal responsibility and courage.

 It‘s all good, this place of Dicovery. Provided we begin to take action. Provided we Express our new discoveries in forward moving action.

EXPRESS your commitment, our next chapter.

June 6, 2016

Chapter 3


The Discover section is designed to assist in locating gaps between you and your goal. Discovery of the gap and what is needed to fill those gaps. Here we search. We investigate and explore past and current realities to find the gaps. We are looking for clear and specific particulars that, once located, will be closed. Gaps be Gone!

We are looking to create an optimal environment for your success. The gap in skill, knowledge, opportunity or support is keeping you from reaching your goal. Go get those skills. Use them. Rely on them. Reach your goal.


The Gaps.

The Gap, the frustrating distance that keeps you from even trying to move toward your goal. At first the gap is responsible for a delay in your efforts. In time the gap fosters discouragement and frustration draining any hope of ever achieving your goal.

I.D.E.A.S. invites discovery of the specific skills, knowledge or support needed for you to close the gap(s) between you and your dream.


Think in terms of a foot race starting line. The starter pistol sounds and the other runners take off in a flash while you are left standing still. Another 24 hours goes by and you remain standing, unchanged, with no forward progress toward your goal.  Despondent, you consider showing up again for another “race”.


Do not give up. This “foot race” is not about sprinting ahead of anybody else. Today is about finding one thing that is keeping your from starting.  One gap-closing action to help you move. What skill, knowledge or supportive accountability structure will help you close the gap between you and the achievement of your goal?


In the context of that foot race starting line,

Were you on time for the start? Do you have the right racing gear? Do you know how to run?  Do you know the course?

In the context of your specific health goal,

Have you set a time to begin? Do you have the necessary gear or equipment? Do you know what to do?


Genuine Discovery of undetected gaps.  Previously unknown. Now reveled. Good.

Perhaps discovery of the gaps known, but ignored. Still good.

We are exposing the gap(s) between you and your goal. Known and ignored or currently undetected. We go to work on closing those gap(s). Wherever they may be found. The ultimate good.

Invest in the needed gear. Research, study, and learn. Close the Gap(s).



June 2nd , 2016



Finding Your Starting Line

Identify the specific health change you are most willing to address. It may not be your greatest current need.  Identify which health change you are most willing to work toward. Narrow the list of important pursuits to the one next thing you will seek.

It’s where we begin. Your starting line.

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
John Bingham, running speaker and writer

“The bigger the regatta, the better the feeling. For me, there are few places I enjoy being more than the starting line of a sprint race.”   Kayleigh D.- Sailing Captain 

 Identify.  The point at which you will now begin to take action.

 It’s here that we define your start line.  It is here that you narrow your focus to one thing. One desired outcome. There are several moving parts within the grand scheme of total health. We now look to the place of beginning.

Identifying the start line of your health goal will help clear the path of distracting debris.

Uncertainties fade. Indecision and inactivity will no longer rule the day. Step by step, repeatable actions consistent with your commitment to change are linked together. Progress is experienced.

Yes, multiple and active health change efforts can coexist. Certainly, but for today we will focus on one component of your health.  At your start line there is undistracted devotion.  There is focus. There is clarity.  Ignorance, inactivity, indecision,  fear of failure, or neglect rally against this place of beginning. We will avoid the urge to multi-task.

One focus. One first next step.

April 29, 2016

CHAPTER ONE     Move off the nail

My father taught me not to assume. “Son, when you assume you will likely make an ASS out of U and ME.” I always enjoyed him relaying that little maxim. Perhaps he repeated it because he liked to use the word ASS.  But it seemed to make sense me.  It was uncomplicated.  Also, I was then able to repeat the story and use the word “ass” myself.

Got it. Don’t assume.

Please forgive this brief break from a childhood-learned life lesson as I make some assumptions.  In working with you here within the pages of It’s UN-complicated I am assuming;

You want to experience a positive and sustained change in your health. Disappointing failed attempts have ushered in set-backs in your pursuit of change. Making further attempts presents high risk of further painful disappointments. By all reasonable accounts it is safer to accept things as they are. Unchanged.  I am assuming this is why you and I are working together, to get beyond this point of discouraging  inertia.

Ol’ Blue                                                                                                                                            I heard a story of a lazy hound dog named Blue lying on a front porch down home.  Periodically throughout the day you could hear Ol’ Blue howl’n away.  A concerned friend inquired of the dog’s apparent pain. The dog’s owner replied “Ol’ Blue is fine, he’s just sit’n’ on a nail from a loose board.” The friend asked why the dog hasn’t moved off the nail. To which the owner reported “I reckon it just don’t hurt badly enough.”

I’ll continue on from my earlier assumptions.

Perhaps you’re like Ol’ Blue just howl’n away. Sitting on the loose porch-board nail of unrealized health change. Days turn to weeks, then on to months and years.  You may (I am assuming) have begun to feel trapped, with no way off that nail.                                           Indecision, and inactions allow conditions to exist that cause the resulting pain of ill health.

You are ready to face the challenges and risks of trying again.  Inactivity is no long an option. The pain and discomforts of moving toward change is far less than the pain of living within the grip of ill-health.

Gaining sustained momentum is a challenge. It calls for consistency and discipline. It calls for action. It Calls for effort.  If nothing changes, then nothing of value changes.

And so, move we must. I believe that you are ready to get up off that nail and move.

But there I go again, making assumptions.

Don’t just sit there. Move!

March 15, 2016

Introduction 2

It’s Uncomplicated is born out of my privileged position of Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer. Thousands of Coaching and Training sessions with corresponding Health Change upgrades lie at the heart of this work.

My mission in Coaching and within these pages remains:                                                     “Arrive at each client encounter with informed and  professional enthusiasm to assist the client move closer to their goal.”                                                                     I pledge to you my greatest efforts in supporting your improved-self as we work through the pages of It’s Uncomplicated.

It’s Uncomplicated begins with that default conviction that your positive change is obtainable. These pages spring from my optimistic world view. Trusting that destructive habitual practices of the past will be broken and that  new sustainable belief and behavior patterns will begin. Together we will work to discover your next action steps, steps toward health upgrades.

It is all about embracing an uncomplicated approach to achieving positive health change. .

It’s Un-complicated   introduces you to the 3 Cs                                             Comfortable Confidence Competence                                                                                You will become comfortable with Redefining your limits*.  Living  at ease with the process of learning, adapting and changing. You will develop confidence in your abilities to follow through and adapt to new disciplines. You will discover  competence in creating and maintaining healthy change.

You own this new change.

*Many thanks to Branding and Marketing expert Chris Clemens for the Fitness Boot Camp Mantra of “Redefine your limits”


2/27/16 Introduction

YOU. It’s UN-complicated is about you. Your cause, your hopes, your goals. It is about you increasing your confidence that discovering achievable and sustainable positive health change is possible for you.

I realize that I have the easy job here. I am writing about an uncomplicated approach to personal disciplines involved in experiencing healthy lifestyle change. It is like the proverbial armchair quarterback making a perfect call on each play. Like I said, I have the easy job. You, on the other hand will be doing all the heavy lifting, rolling up your sleeves and going to work on creating your personalized positive change. Each of us has a distinctive life story, a specific journey. There is no cookie-cutter approach here. You are unique.  An individual.

Yes, of course we have similarities with those around us. But these pages are for you.

It’s Uncomplicated hopes to move your health and fitness seeking conversation from the general to the very specific. YOUR specific.

In regard to your desired health upgrades, you do not know what tomorrow will bring. New challenges are just around the corner. Continued distracting busyness, obligations, stressors, your family, your boss, your co-workers, your neighbor and your dog all seem to plotting against your progress, against your change.

You can however see where yesterday’s decisions have brought you. Which actions were effective and which actions were ineffective. You will make adjustments. Neglecting needed changes restricts forward progress.

We will address this process of discovering your desired change. In an Un-complicated way, we will see you move forward with positive and progressive action steps.

Though developing your own plan, you are not alone. It’s Uncomplicated will draw on the experiences of others, their set-backs, start-overs, and liberating break-through moments.

We will take note and learn from the disappointing missteps and the magnificent successes of others and ourselves.

The good news. You and I are now working together.

It’s UN-complicated will help you create a fresh environment of successful health change. You will be establishing new daily routines and new life protocols that lead to personal quality-of-life upgrades.

I hope to see you begin believing in yourself. Believing that healthy change is both attainable and sustainable, for you!

It’s Un-Complicated does NOT mean moving quickly or hastily without regard to detail.

There is no easy fix to troubling times. No glib or superficial formula to wash away the oppressing feel of compounded stress. Disappointing set-backs may compound the frustrations resulting from lack of progress in achieving your health goal.  At times there may even be a tangible sensation that the walls are closing in with  no clear exit in sight.

We will find and acknowledge the presenting challenges,  but not shrink away from them in fear. We will not allow the present roadblocks to hinder our progress toward improved health.

It is not easy, it’s just uncomplicated.

With It’s UN-complicated, I hope to convey my default conviction that most things in life can be improved. Not in the sense of perfectionism, but rather a belief that uncomplicated action can be taken to help move us forward in the pursuit of improvement. We now gather in the pursuit of your improved health. All the while, remembering to keep it uncomplicated.

 SMILE, You’ve got this.

Everyone looks so much better when they smile.”   Jimmy Fallon



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