Stay on track and reach your goal                                                       Healthy living is obtainable and sustainable. A bright future awaits. A future of becoming the most-fit version of ourselves as is possible.  Yet, the way to improving health is often lined with the darker hours of disappointing trial, set back and even failure. We can lose our way. It’s not pretty. The path to improving health can be an aggravating and complicated nightmare.

It need not be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A client recently began our Coaching session with a statement of disappointment, “I have strayed from my plan.” Though not certain of why, she knew that she was off track. The thought of remaining unchanged, unable to reach the targeted health goal was deeply troubling. It was not an easy way to start a Coaching session.

Even so, I was glad we were having the conversation. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work. My client examined her present options and confidently began to reestablish forward momentum.

We acknowledged that the path to healthy change is not easy, just uncomplicated. We should respect the challenge but not fear it. It was time to get back up after the most recent stumble. Yes, learn from the stumble but focus on new forward steps. With boldness my client got back on her feet and began again.

Successful Coaching session require a willingness to explore both old and new territory. Questions, dialog and reflection are the tools we use to explore options for productive change. It is work.

Yet the Coaching session remains the easy part.

The main challenge is creating sustained momentum through action after the session. Repeated actions that support the goal. Follow through. To help safeguard this vulnerable place of first steps I encourage clients to

Think F.I.T.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Here’s how                                                                                                                        Thinking  F.I.T.                                                                                                          I encourage clients to create default mindsets consistent with all that is best within them. Thinking F.I.T. is an anchoring place for our thoughts and meditations.  Thinking F.I.T. is practical in times of greatest success or in the face of discouraging setbacks. It helps create a sense of comfort in working through challenge, instills confidence in our ability to take action and develops competence in our goal reaching skills.

Go ahead, Think F.I.T.                                                                          

Foundational principles                                                                         Reestablish your footing. Remind yourself of your lasting motivations for change. Regain the control of your daily schedule.   Refocus on your long term goals.

Invest in your cause                                                                                     Scheduled activities that result in productivity – DAILY. Study your process. Become an expert on the topic of your health and fitness goal. Step in the direction of your goal with specific and bold action today. Socialize with like-minded fitness junkies for motivation and encouragement.

Trust the process                                                                                                 Do not give up. Declare your independence from neglect. Devote the rest of your life to healthy living. Do not give up.

All the best to you as you continue to Think F.I.T.                                      Coach Scott

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