Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits for your Family

You and Your Family want to make “Healthy Living” a priority. It’s time!

…And then, well, here we are again talking about thinking about trying again. Seeing the need for change. Wanting change but not able to create sustained lifestyle practices that deliver results.

I understand and I can help.

As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach, I have facilitated thousands (and counting) of Coaching sessions. This environment has placed me in a privileged and unique position to observe how individuals identify, seek out and reach their improving health goals. I’ve had a front row seat to observe what’s working and what’s not.

We will work together in creating your new Family Action Plan designed to deliver your improved health results. Improved health results for you and your family.

It won’t all be easy. Just uncomplicated. 

This is how it works

  1. I will meet with you and your family twice in the month. Plan on about an hour each time. We want to get this right.
  2. We will use my  I.D.E.A.S. goal-setting method to create an agreed upon framework of Change that supports improved fitness/health for you and Your Family.
  3. Individual Family Members blend their Personal Goals with other family members to create New Practices for themselves and Your Family.
  4. Create an effective accountability framework referred to each day in the home.
  5. Agreed upon adjustments are explored and implemented.
  6. The Family moves on to become Comfortable in healthy lifestyle environments, Confident in the ability to create positive change            and Competent in “Keeping the Change”. Together.

Family Fitness Facilitation  Package Offer $250.00.                                                                Welcome to improving health for you and your family. Change is here to stay!

To begin connect with Scott at:


_____________                                                                                                                        *Skype connection calls available for long distance clients.


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