You. My work is all about you.

Our work together is about you reaching and keeping your desired Health Change. On day one, we’ll roll up our sleeves and go to work.

And, truth be told, you will be doing most of the heavy lifting. You have the tough daily job of applying yourself to your discovered action commitments.

Here’s what I’ll do.

I pledge my very best in effort and energy to help you realise your health and fitness dreams. I will arrive at each session with professional and informed enthusiasm to positively i.m.p.a.c.t. your move toward your desired change.

My I.M.P.A.C.T. framework provides observable accountability to my pledge of service.


Invitation to Explore the possibilities of Health upgrades.

My invitation to you is to accept your identified challenge and expect specific health change results. I will shine light on the path you choose. I invite you to a bold beginning and a determined commitment to continue. Welcome to your Change!

Manage your skill development and your follow through on needed action.

I will facilitate discovery type questions and discussion as you clarify your future steps. My role is to help you remain accountable to your established commitment to change.

Provide specific skill building opportunities.

I will suggest skill building tasks or personal project ideas designed to strengthen  your resolve. This is Your Change. It’s your discovery of desired action. I will suggest reasonable (timely and appropriate) challenges to past assumptions that impede your progress.

Advance  your vision of an improved self.

We will celebrate your strengths. We will give attention to the little victories that deserve applause. I will highlight the truth of your outstanding self. You, on Center Stage, taking a bow as the one who is achieving a long sought and now well-deserved health Change.

Cultivate deeper reaching disciplines.

You will want to protect your change. I will help you cultivate environments and attitudes that foster increased skill and discipline within your health Change lifestyle practices.

Transitioning to your next level of reliant confidence.

We will work to build on your current success while identifying your next steps. While working in the very real present, I will encourage your long-range planning for continued Health and Wellness Success. With your newly discovered strengths and disciplines, you are ready to move on. Enjoy your change. Go ahead, Keep the Change!

Let’s get started!